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James will be interviewed by Dei Tomos at 6 o'clock on Radio Cymru, Tuesday 30th January, about the List. Listen in for an interesting discussion about some of the names and sources which appear in the List.

Happy New Year to you all! It’s possible that you’ve already noticed that a few things have changed on the website and the List since Christmas. As well as adding  roughly seven hundred more names from the Parochialia, we’ve also added more options to the search engine. It’s now possible to search by more sources than just Cymru 1900 and Cynefin, as was previously the case, by going to Advanced Search and choosing the source you want to use from the list.

As the year goes on we’ll also be adding sound files to the glossary, to help non-Welsh speakers with pronouncing the names, and a group of student volunteers from the Department of Welsh at Aberystwyth University will be checking all of the names to get rid of any mis-spellings or mis-transcriptions. Needless to say that we’ll be continuing to add more new names to the List throughout this process!