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We got a fantastic Christmas present from the National Library last week - the rest of the Cynefin data! Those of you who've heard James talking about the List will have heard that the data would be arriving 'in the near future', and it's a pleasure to be able to announce that we are now living in the future.

We received nearly 900,000 pieces of data from the Library team, and we're currently cleansing them in the hope of uploading them before Christmas. We've already got some 200,000 names form the Cynefin project in the List, which will recieve the same clean-up process as the new ones, in order to make sure that we get rid of all the dittos and the 'house and garden's once and for all. Once this is done, we estimate that there will be roughly a million names from all over Wales protected in the List. We'd like to thank the staff of the National Library, and everyone who volunteered on the Cynefin project for all their work, and for sharing the names with us so that they can be protected for ever, and used both officially and unofficially by authorities and by the public.

Nadolig llawen i chi gyd. Merry Christmas.